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The news and media networks are looking for go getters to get out in the field and perform top rate journalism. This can be difficult in some situations and there have been many journalists killed and even murdered in some countries around the world. Getting to know the people involved in the stories is the key to a successful tale which is why journalists have to have good people skills and plenty of charisma. Not only do you have to be good at your job but you also have to look good while you are doing it and it does not hurt anyone if the person you see on the screen is very good looking. Lara Logan has just about everything she needs going for her to be one of the top international correspondents getting right in behind the scene to find the heart of the story.

Lara has been a South African journalist and TV correspondent for some time now which means the she will not only have good experience but she also knows a lot about journalism. Working for CBS and the 60 Minutes program Lara has had to face some tough obstacles in her time including war and famine. At 40 years old this year you can tell that Lara Logan is still a go getting woman that does not take no for an answer which is why she is given the good stories to report on. Lara has been right up against bad guys like the Taliban as well as in the middle of fighting while she is trying to report. There is nothing that fazes her too much and she can hold her head up high for all the good work that she has done and will do.

While in Bagdad Lara was faced with a reporter’s worst nightmare while going out to investigate some gun fire. Getting caught in the action the camera man was able to take some very graphic pictures which in the end Lara decided that they were to horrific for broadcasting on TV. This was a difficult decision to make which could have cost her a career however sticking to her morals she made the right decision and was rewarded for this in the end. Getting right up there into the real action is why Lara Logan is so popular and most likely the reason that she will win several awards for her journalism talents.

Lara Logan at Elon University Spring Convocation

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Elon University graduates enter a new chapter in their lives after attending the special Spring Convocation. The ceremony was held April 30 at 3:30 pm in Alumni Gym in the Koury Athletic Center. The convocation, titled “Sacred Space: The Promise for Peace and Understanding in Our World – A Multi-Faith Conversation”, included six distinguished panelists who have earned international reputations as scholars, leaders and educators in their respective faith communities.

One of these panelists was award-winning 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan, who moderated a special panel discussion focused on issues of faith. Guided by Logan, the panelists discussed the benefits and challenges of interfaith work, the dynamics between religions and nonreligious populations, and how the university can build on existing efforts to foster productive interfaith outcomes.

Elon University students have been urged to reach out to people who have a different faith. According to the Times-News of Burlington, students at the convocation were challenged to push their religious and social boundaries, all due to Lara Logan and the other moderators at the event.

Harvard University humanist chaplain Greg Epstein told the students that if they graduated without meeting people of other faiths they had failed. Eboo Patel with Interfaith Youth Core told the students they should have a meaningful, positive relationship with people of several different religions before graduating. Rabbi David Wolpe of Los Angeles told the students it might not be comfortable to meet people of other religions, but he still encouraged students to do it anyway.

The spring convocation was the headline event in a day of activities that marked the dedication of the new Numen Lumen Pavilion, a multi-faith center for prayer, reflection and interfaith dialogue in Elon’s Academic Village. The convocation followed shortly after the formal dedication of the pavilion, which houses the Vera Richardson Truitt for Religious and Spiritual Life and the Elon Center for the Study of Religion, Culture and Society.

Elon’s Spring Convocation serves as an annual event to recognize dean’s list and president’s list students, the faculty, the upcoming graduating class and members of the Elon Society, the premier annual giving group at Elon.

Now in her eight season as a 60 Minutes correspondent, Lara Logan also serves as co-host of the network’s special broadcast “Person to Person”. It is safe to say that she was an inspired choice for the position of panelist moderator, having visited numerous countries and having dealt with people of all religions.

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Lara Logan To Talk About Sexual Assault

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Lara Logan probably is the most famous female war correspondent in the world. The star has also become well known as one of the toughest women in this industry, Lara being able to move on after a sexual assault she has been though in Egypt about two years ago. Even though Lara has made the choice to put that horrible event behind her, the star has not been able to forget it. And even if it deeply marked her, Lara has been able to continue with her life. Recently, the star has also decided to open up about this horrible event.

“I was dying in that square” Lara declared in an interview for the Hollywood Reporter. “I never thought I’d see my children again. When I finally got home, just to see my children, it was almost surreal,” she claimed, although Lara decided that she will keep on covering wars in the Middle East. Since the traumatic event, Lara has kept a diary for her children to know why she is doing this, the star claimed.


“But I’ve also progressed beyond that. I have two small children. I have a husband who [endured] one week where I was in prison and the next week I was nearly dead. So he’s a little sensitive about that,” Lara declared. However, she is willing to return to Afghanistan as soon as possible. According to the star seeing death is not as hard as it may initially look. What hurts the most is seeing people hurt or suffering.

Lara said that she has been close to death when the assault occurred. Back then in Egypt she actually learned what fear is. Lara claimed that she has never been so scared in her life or so close to death. There is no wonder after all that Lara said that what happened back then changed her life. One of the most impressive things about Lara’s confession is that the star said she looked into the eyes of her aggressors and begged them to stop.


Lara Logan remains one of the most famous journalists in the world. The star has actually become an amazing example of dedication, courage and hard work, but she also proved to be an extremely strong woman. Even though the event she has been through will be something she will never forget, Lara has put it behind. The star is still focusing on her career and she has never renounced at her job as war respondent.

Lara Logan – Quick Facts

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Lara Logan is a famous television personality and radio journalist. The star has become well known as a war correspondent, as well. Here you can read some quick facts about Lara Logan. Well, if you are a true fan of this star, you should know some basic facts about her. Some of the most important ones are listed as follows.


  • Lara Logan was born in March, 1971. The beautiful journalist was born in Durban, South Africa.
  • She has a degree in commerce, earned in 1992.
  • Lara began her career in journalism in 1988.
  • Lara Logan married Jason Siemon, a professional basketball player, back in 1998. However, this marriage ended in divorce.
  • The star has married for a second time in 2008. Back then, Lara decided that what is wanted was to become Joseph Burkett’s wife. The two are still a couple. They currently live in Washington DC.
  • Lara and Joseph have two children together. Joseph has another daughter from a previous marriage, as well.
  • Throughout her successful career, Lara Logan has won numerous awards. Some of the most important ones include the American Women in Radio and Television Gracie Award, the Association of International Broadcasters Best International News Story Award and John Aubuchon Press Freedom Award.
  • While being on field as a reporter, Lara has been through a very traumatic event. The reporter was beaten and sexually assaulted. It all happened in February 2011, in Egypt. Still, Lara proved to be a strong person, being able to put that event behind her.


Lara has always remained committed to her career, being one of the best war journalists in the United States. She has managed to prove that she is able to put all her skills into reporting news from the middle of the events. And even though she has been under the most traumatic event that can happen to a woman, Lara Logan found the strength to be able to go on with her life and her career. And she surely deserves all the appreciation she can get for that.

Lara Logan: The Taliban Is As Strong As Ever

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During a recent speech, Lara Logan claimed that the United States are losing in Afghanistan. The famous journalist says that Obama administration is not handling this crisis in the right manner.

Lara Logan is a correspondent for CBS’ 60 Minutes. The star recently shared a provocative speech to about 1,100 influentials from government, politics, media and corporate areas. Her speech was quite impressive, Lara Logan examining the Afghanistan conflict and exposing the problems that US is still facing when it comes to terrorism.


Lara Logan told her audience that even though there have passed 11 years since 9/11, the Taliban still hate America. The Taliban and al-Quaida have not vanished and they will surely come back to make their presence known to the world.

Why did Lara Logan decided to investigate the Afghan conflict? Well, it seems that the star has just had it with the lies. “I chose this subject because, one, I can’t stand, that there is a major lie being propagated…” she said according to Sun Times. “There is this narrative coming out of Washington for the last two years,” she claimed, adding that Taliban are nowadays seen as “poor moderate, gentler, kinder Taliban,” which is a nonsense according to Lara.

Lara interviewed a lot of people to reach this conclusion. She recently talked to John Allen, who is a top US commander in Afghanistan. She also interviewed Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who actually is a Taliban commander trained by al-Quaida.


Lara Logan said that currently the Taliban are teaming up with al-Quaida with the main purpose to harm the United States. They are recruiting and training new terrorists and they will most likely not hesitate to launch an attack over the United States. 

Having all these facts under consideration, Lara said that, as an American, she was really frightened. She still hopes that the US will “exact revenge and let the world know that the United States will not be attacked on its own soil. That its ambassadors will not be murdered, and that the United States will not stand by and do nothing about it.”

Lara Logan presented an interesting story and called for revenge and action from the United States. If her report will be seriously taken under consideration by the United States government or not is something we will probably see in the near future. Still, the star shared an interesting perspective, being one of the few journalists in the United States which calls for action against terrorism. 

Below you can watch an interview with Lara Logan and her field experience.

Lara Logan went though a devastating event in her life, this is why her recent speech is even more important. The journalist was raped in Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring. She was raped during an event that wasn’t an outbreak of democracy and Lara will always have nightmares due to the violence she has been through. Despite her trauma, Lara remained strong and committed to her work, and she surely deserves all credit and appreciation for that.

The Career Path Of Lara Logan

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Lara Logan is one of the toughest female journalists in the world. Throughout her career so far, she has managed to put herself in numerous dangerous situations, due to the fact that she wanted to make sure that she did her work in the proper way and that she was the best one for the job. Through the reports delivered by Logan from various parts of the world, the audiences were able to understand what was going on in various regions and to have a suitable image over the twists and turns of the society at the particular moment in a way that no other television could have shown through their reporters.

Logan started out her career in Durban, South Africa, were she was born. She worked as a news reporter for the Sunday Tribune, in the period 1988-1989, during her studies. She then moved on to work for Daily News in the period 1990-1992. After these two career start ups, Logan made the big step and became a senior producer for Reuters Television in Africa. She worked in this position from 1992, for four years, after which she realized that she wanted to branch out in the domain and to try more opportunities. Therefore, she started out as a freelance journalist. Logan received assignments from big names of the industry, such as: ITN, Fox/SKY, CBS News, ABC News, NBC and European Broadcast Union. It was visible from the start that Logan had an appetite for dangerous reports and that she wanted to be the one to expose the truth in the events around the world.

Lara Logan collaborated with CNN for the reports on the 1998 United States embassy bombings in Nairobi, for those on the conflict in Northern Ireland and for those on the Kosovo war. In 2000, she began her collaboration with GMTV and with CBS News Radio. After the September 11 attacks, Lara Logan asked for a visa to go to Afghanistan and managed to get there and to infiltrate in the Northern Alliance troops to interview their commander. This bold move got her a contract with CBS News in 2002. Due to her involvement in correspondences from the war zones of the world, Lara Logan became very famous around the world and managed to reach a great point in her career, especially in 2006, when CBS News promoted her to Chief foreign affairs correspondent.

Interesting Facts about Lara Logan

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Lara Logan is a South African TV and radio journalist, being also the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS news. She was born on March 29, 1971, in Durban, South Africa. She attended high school at Durban Girl’s College, and the University of Natal in Durban, from which she graduated in 1992 with a degree in commerce. She then earned a diploma in French language, culture and history and the prestigious Univesite de l’Alliance Frabcaise in Paris. Her talent was obvious from an early age, which is why she has worked as a journalist and correspondent for numerous TV and radio stations. While her career has always been on the spotlight, there are still many interesting facts that people do not know about her.

In 1999, Lara married Jason Siemon, a professional basketball player in the United Kingdom. Despite them being together for nearly 10 years, their marriage did not work out and the couple officially divorced in July, 2008. Later that same year. she married Joseph Burkett, a US government defense contractor from Texas. The two met in Afghanistan, where Lara was a correspondent. They now reside in Washington D.C. with their two children: son Joseph and daughter Lola. Burkett’s daughter from a previous marriage also lives with them. This successful journalist is definitely a role model for girls of all ages. She has both the looks and the brains and she knows how to use them to her advantage. Few people know that she successful journalist was a swimsuit model during college. This should come as no surprise, though, considering how amazingly beautiful Lara is. With her blonde hair and astonishing figure, she is definitely one of the most beautiful journalists in the world.

Lara Logan is not so lucky as it seems, though. In 2011, she was sexually assaulted while transmitting from Cairo, Egypt. Later on, she came open and revealed all the terrifying details of the horrible moments she had to go through. She said that she thought she was going to die, but even worse, she was aware that hear death was going to be a painful one. Lara Logan also admitted that she is still haunted by the memory of those events and is having a hard time getting past them. Recovering after such a traumatic event is hard for everyone. Luckily, she hes her family, friends and colleagues to help her with that.

CBS Reporter Lara Logan Was Sexually Assaulted in Egypt

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I have to admit that I did not know anything about Lara Logan prior to writing this article. Then I got to read about her and I was amazed with how brave this woman is. Before I start telling you about the misfortunate time she had in Egypt, here is some background information on her. Lara was born on March 29, 1971, in Durban, South Africa. She graduated from the University of Natal in Durban in 1992 and she got a degree in commerce. She then studied French culture, language and history at the Universite de l’Alliance Francaise in Paris. During her college years, Logan worked as a news reporter for the Sunday Tribune in Durban. She then worked as a reporter and freelance journalist for Daily News, CBS News, ABS News, ITN, Fox/SKY, NBC, CNN and many others.

In 2002, Logan started to work on as a full-fledged correspondent for the CBS News and has remained with the channel ever since. Since 2006, she is also their chief foreign correspondent. This is how she got to be part of numerous war zones. However, this is also how she got sexually abused. On February 3, 2011, Logan and her crew were arrested in Egypt for one night, while covering the Egyptian Revolution. The Egyptian Army blindfolded the crew and beat their driver. They were later released. A week later, on February 11, 2011, Logan was beaten and sexually assaulted while she was covering the celebrations in Tahrir Square after Hosni Mubarak had resigned. When her camera ran out of battery, one of the Egyptian CBS crew suggested they leave. He later told her he had heard the crowd making inappropriate sexual comments about her.

Just as her camera died, her voice shouting “stop” can be heard on the recording. Lara was feeling hands touching her all over. After one of the crowd said that she was an Israeli, a Jew, the rest of the crowd went crazy. They ripped her clothes off and raped her with their hands, while taking photos of her with their mobile phones. They were pulling her hair and body so hard that she felt she was dying. She was then dragged alongside a fence were a group of women were camping. One of them put her arms around her and the men who were with them starting throwing water at the crowd. She spent 4 days in the hospital in the US. Lara Logan had to go through an awful experience, but this gave her strength to talk about the prevalence of sexual assault in Egypt and sexual violence women reporters are often victims of.

Female Role Model Lara Logan

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Lara Logan is a tenacious war journalist and television personality. Due to her numerous reports from the most troubled sites in the world, Lara Logan managed to create a name for herself. The reporter is seen as one of the toughest women in the news media world and should be also considered as a female role model to follow. Throughout her career so far, Lara Logan has been placed in many encounters and has faced various dangers and difficulties. Even so, she still managed to return with grace and beauty to the society, amazing all her work peers and the audiences.

Female role model Lara Logan should be seen from all possible perspectives as an amazing woman. The first thing to learn from her is the strength and power shown in the face of danger. The reporter went through all the latest wars of the world, in order to do her job. However, Lara Logan was in numerous moments placed in danger, as most journalists traveling for war correspondence are submitted to ill treatments. Lara Logan admitted that she was raped and treated violently during one of her press correspondences. The act rose numerous questions all over the world, but she fronted them and showed strength and maturity in the face of these issues.

Lara Logan is a strong and decided woman and she should be admired and respected for that. Her career involvement and dedication to bringing even the most disturbing news to the public in the proper way are to be looked upon with consideration. A job as such has taken her to terrible situations, from which she came out stronger and more decided. The character and personality built in Lara Logan should be something for all women to consider as role model material. From the portrait revealed of Lara Logan, the important aspects are connected to dedication to the world and to her job, to the things that life can teach you in rough situations and so on. She should be appreciated for the fact that she conquered a male domain and managed to make it even better.

Things to Know About Lara Logan

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Lara Logan is one of the most famous radio journalists and war correspondent, and at the same time is the chief of foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News, and a correspondent for CBS’s 60 Minutes. Lara Logan was born in South Africa and she attended high school at Durban Girls’ College, and the University of Natal in Durban, graduating in 1992 with a degree of commerce. Lara Logan went on to earn a diploma in French language, culture and history in Paris.

During her studies, Lara Logan worked as a news reporter for the Sunday Tribune in Durban. After graduating from university, she began working for Reuters television, mainly as a senior producer. Four years later, Lara Logan branched out into freelance journalism, obtaining assignments as a reporter, editor and producer with ITN and FOX/SKY, CBS News, ABC News, NBC. Lara Logan almost risked her life during the 1998 United States embassy bombings in Nairobi and Tanzania, and the Kosovo war.

Lara Logan has all the necessary qualities in order to become an international news correspondent. Not only does she have wide knowledge in journalism, but she also has got experience on the field. Lara Logan is a determined and ambitious journalist who knows exactly what she wants from her career. She has been caught in the middle of many violent actions, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq. There is nothing that scares her and wherever Lara Logan is, she can hold her head up and come up with a great cover story.

In late January 2007, Lara Logan filed a report of fighting along Haifa Street in Baghdad, but the CBS Evening News did not run the report. The network claimed that the story was too strong for national television. To reverse the decision, Lara Logan decided to enlist public support, requesting them to watch the story and pass the link to as many people as possible. Eventually, Lara Logan managed to pass the Haifa Street material on TV. Lara Logan is certainly a name that will remain in the TV history for many years to come.

Lara Logan Personal Life

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Lara Logan is a a well known television personality and the famous journalist has managed to conquer worldwide fame and recognition due to her amazing career as a war correspondent. Well, although most people know best Lara Logan for her great achievements when it comes to her career, there are some facts about Lara Logan’s personal life that all fans should be aware of. 

Lara Logan was born in Durban, South Africa. The beautiful star has studied commerce, the domain in which her earned her diploma. So, Lara Logan attend the University of Natal in Durban, where she majored in commerce. The star earned her degree back in 1992. However, you should know that Lara Logan did not limited her studies to this education program. The star went to also earn a degree in French language, culture and history. This course actually was attend by Lara Logan in Paris. Of course, her studies have very much helped Lara Logan in developing the amazing career she currently has, but only the talent and great determination of the beautiful journalist have been the ones to bring her the huge fame she enjoys today.

When talking about Lara Logan’s personal life you should also know that finding love and happiness has never been easy for the star. So, Lara Logan first married the famous basketball player Jason Siemon. The couple wedded in 1998, but unfortunately for the two the marriage did not last for the rest of time, as the two hoped when making their vows. Well, in 2008 Lara Logan decided to give marriage another try, so she wedded Joseph Burkett. The U.S. government defense contractor, original from Afghanistan, and Lara Logan met when the journalist was in the country, transmitting live from the war that had taken over Afghanistan. Anyway, the couple did not opt for Afghanistan as the place to start a home, so they moved to Washington D.C. Lara Logan and her husband are still happily married and the two actually are the parents of a handsome baby son. This is the first child for Lara Logan, but not also for her husband, who also has a daughter from a previous marriage.

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